High-voltage testing laboratory of НVТ series

НVТ Laboratory is executed on the basis of automobile Ural  4320 that ensures possibility for laboratory to operate not only in urbane conditions but also in off-road conditions for account of cross-country ability of automobile.

 НVТ Laboratory designed for the following works:

  • Tests of equipment of substations and switchgears with operating voltage up to 35 kv
  • Tests of power cable lines operating voltage up to 35 kv
  • Definition of fault points in power cables by means of equipment and devices of preliminary and accurate localization.  

Laboratory performs the following functions:

  • Test by higher alternating voltage.
  • Test by rectified voltage with leak current control.
  • Test by higher voltage of super-low frequency 0.1 Hz (insulation of cross-linked polyethylene).
  • Insulation-resistance test and measurement of tangent of angle of dielectric losses.
  • Burning-in of damaged insulation of power cables.  
  • Distance measurement up to damaged point in cable by means of pulse method. 
  • Detection of damaged point by means of acoustic method.
  • Detection of cable lines route and damaged point by means of electromagnetic induction method.
  • Detection of damaged point of cable housing.
  • Selection of test cable out of bunched cables.
  • Low voltage measurements of power transformers parameters and measurement of direct-current resistance.
  • Breakdown test of transformer oil.
  • Measurement of spreading resistance.
  • Self-contained power supply is available.

  Лаборатория высоковольтных испытаний серии ЛВИ НVТ