Corporate Profile

“MCC-KIP Automatica” LLP being a subsidiary of JS Company “Montazhspetsstroy”, was established on the technical basis and the same staff composition of Almaty subsidiaries No 1, 2 of JSC “Automatica”, (former Almaty installation department and Almaty commissioning department of “Kazmontazhautomatica” trust established in 1969).

Our enterprise possesses the construction sections with available production bases in Atyrau and Almaty.

ТОО «МСС-КИП Автоматика»

The production personnel of “MCC-KIP Automatica” LLP have a great experience in the facilities of Capital Projects and overhaul in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Almaty – more than 30 years.

Instrumentation installation and commissioning at the facilities of Atyrau and Atyrau province are carried out by construction section No1 located in Atyrau.

Installation and commissioning of Instrumentation, electric power equipment, electric lighting, communication systems, PC at the facilities of Almaty and Almaty province are carried out by construction section No2 located in Almaty.

“MCC-KIP Automatica” LLP possesses the advanced, well-equipped production technical base, technical and logistic support as well as wiring items and materials to perform building-and-assembly jobs.

The staff, consisting of workers and engineers, is highly qualified personnel, who has a great experience in installation and commissioning of Instrumentation and electric power equipment, more than 10-15 years and some of them have such experience for more than 40 years since the establishment of these subsidiaries.

Steelwork shop performs works on fabrication and erection of steel structures, regulating and control stations, IDD distribution boards, DBU, CHSHO-70, Single-end service assembled chamber, Switchgear and Transformers, Packaged Transformer Substation, wiring items of any complexity, block-boxes, modules, cable trays and ducts.

ТОО «МСС-КИП Автоматика»

The works are carried out in compliance with the requirements of regulatory technical documentation on installation and commissioning of Instrumentation, electric power equipment and electric lighting, fire alarm and communication networks in normal conditions and in explosion proof production.

 “MCC-KIP Automatica” LLP possesses the electrical laboratory and Instrumentation calibration laboratory.